The time of six years drifted like a cloud,
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Autor:  ylq [ Pon 09 Lip 2018, 04:36 ]
Temat postu:  The time of six years drifted like a cloud,

The time of six years drifted like a cloud, and the angel of time did not hesitate to set the time to leave, and soon graduated. In the primary school time of six years in the primary school of the town, I was taught by many teachers so that I learned what I could not learn before. I remember that when we first entered the school, we were still jumping and jumping. We only had some simple additions, subtractions Marlboro Red, multiplications and removals, how naive, how naive, and now, we seem to be no longer the ignorant children. We have learned more complex knowledge, and these are all closely related to one person, that is you - teacher.impressed me in my impression was our English teacher. Teacher Wang, when he saw him on the first side, always felt that he was a very strict, not so approachable teacher, and he was still a little scared Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. He was afraid that his class would be very tense. But all this is imagination, not reality. When I was in the fifth grade, the English teacher was him. When I finished the first lesson he told us, I found that he was not as harsh as he thought. Instead, he was a Very humorous people will make us happy.ember that there was a class Cheap Cigarettes, the teacher wanted to make a multiple-choice question. A boy in our class sat there waiting, waiting for the English teacher to announce the answer. But she was seen by Teacher Wang Online Cigarettes, so Teacher Wang began to chat with us through her three-inch tongue. You will know that when you drop the pie in the sky, you should have never learned it! If you drop the pie from the sky, you will not eat it, but it will crush you into a patties. For a moment, the whole class will laugh.kite flies high again, its line is still being held by your hand Parliament Cigarettes, the wanderer is far away, his heart is still hanging on the mother, no matter where he goes, I will never forget you - teacher.

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