Our class has a "green hair hoop".
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Autor:  ylq [ Pon 09 Lip 2018, 04:36 ]
Temat postu:  Our class has a "green hair hoop".

Our class has a "green hair hoop". Why is she called her "green hair band"? Because she always wears a green headband Marlboro Cigarettes Online, she hasn't changed her headband since she started with a pony tail, long and quiet. She also has a feature: courage is big and small.n you are courageous, you are more timid than anyone else. I remember that time we went to Happy Valley to play Marlboro Gold. There are many exciting projects that make us excited. "Green hair hoop" is not interested at all, quietly watching us play below. This way she missed a lot of fun projects. On the way back to school, everyone is talking about what projects are fun and what projects are exciting Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. "Green hair hoop" listened and began to regret, which made us laugh and cry. If she was bold enough, it is estimated that she is slowlyhen she was daring, she was more daring than anyone else Newport Cigarettes Website. Once, on the way to the language teacher's home, we saw a small tree, some of which had already collapsed. "Green hair hoop" told me: "When I was a child, I often picked up the curled leaves of the tree to play. If there are many black dots on the top, I will throw away the leaves immediately because the top The eggs have hatched the bugs; if there are small dots on the top, there is nothing terrible, it is just a pile of eggs." She said, she picked a curled leaf Newport 100S. I immediately retreat three feet to prevent an intimate date with the bug. The heart is also secretly admiring her bravery. "Green hair hoop" opens the leaf: "Ah! Black!" She threw the leaves on the ground and ran away.fact, no matter whether the "green hair band" is bold or timid, we will always be good friends.

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